The Best Golf Gifts For Your Significant Other

The Best Golf Gifts For Your Significant Other

So you’ve found yourself not knowing what to get your significant other. The person you got to know the most intimately. You may even know their darkest secrets. And yet, you feel stuck. Don’t worry, as licensed couples therapists*, we know exactly how to help you.
*Okay, this part is not true, but we like to think we know a little thing or two about love. Like, for example, it’s important to listen and nod your head once in a while.

Hearts - Polo

Warning: Only offer your significant other this polo if you actually love them. As in, romantic love. With sexual attraction and all that. Sometimes, when you’ve been together for a while, you need to make efforts to keep the spark alive and show you love each other. For example, by buying them a cool polo with a heart pattern design. You can’t doubt that it’s real love once you get a gift like this, right?

Get him a Hearts polo now!

I Never Pull Out - Coolie

He might think you’re trying to hint at something, but the most important is that you show how much you love him, which you can do by showing that you care about his beer staying cold. Our coolies are crafted from 3mm premium neoprene with a sublimated design, he might not know what any of this means but he'll think it sounds pretty cool.

Order a coolie now!

Mustache Ride - Blade Putter Cover

Make sure your life partner (or brief meaningless fling that you're using to distract yourself from your suffering) keeps his blade putter clean and safe thanks to this beautiful headcover with an embroidered design. With this one, you’re definitely hinting at something. Hinting at offering him a free ride to the barbershop, obviously. Right? That’s what it means, no? … What? No, we don’t see any weird connotations about this at all.

Ready to gift him the Mustache Ride blade putter cover? Get it now!

I’d Tap That - Performance Golf Hat

Does your significant other think “I’d tap that” when he sees you as much as when he sees a golf ball? Gift him this high-quality golf hat as a reminder that while he loves golf, he loves you at least just as much (we really hope he loves you a lot more than that).

Decorate his head now!

Sex Panther - Ball Marker

Offer him a high-quality ball marker so he can go from feeling like a mediocre golfer to feeling like a proper golfer (regardless of his actual skill level). Either he'll laugh at the sophisticated cultural reference, or he'll take it as a wonderful compliment that will boost his self-esteem for the next five years.

Buy this ball marker here!

Now stop reading and go work on your relationship by getting your significant other one (or several!) of these gifts. Hmmm, yeah, it feels good to prioritize love, doesn’t it?

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