Friend Who Took Up Golfing About To Get Really Annoying

Friend Who Took Up Golfing About To Get Really Annoying

Ben Cooper, 36, has recently taken up golf and is loving it so much that he’s about to drive his friends up the wall talking about it.

“I just thought I needed a new hobby after my wife left me with the kids, you know?”, said Cooper, who’s about to jeopardize his long-lasting friendships by constantly talking about golfing and inviting his friends to play with him even though they have absolutely zero interest in doing so. 

“I’m just happy he found something to distract himself from the divorce”, said his friend Paul Drucker, who’s completely oblivious to the fact that their friendship is about to fade away. “He did send me 237 pictures of his last game and tried to video call me before one of his putts or whatever it was, but I’m sure it’s normal to want to share his excitement at the early stages.” 

Sources close to Cooper reported that "things already started going batsh*t crazy" after he offered $3000 worth of Bogey Bros bundles to his friends and family.

Family members have reported with horror that Cooper had invited them all for a “golf and camping trip” and have since decided to completely cut ties with him, despite Cooper's promise that "everyone will get a complementary neoprene can coolie."

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