Golf Cart Gangs Invade Mini Golf Course, Demand Mini-Beers

Golf Cart Gangs Invade Mini Golf Course, Demand Mini-Beers

NEWPORT, OREGON – A group of savage cart gangs brutally invaded a mini golf course, threatening innocent people by demanding mini-beers.

“I just wanted to have a nice time with my family, I mean I finally get a day off so is it too much to ask to enjoy the company of my mini-wife and mini-kids?”, said Larry Baldwin while wearing a SFW Woozy Worms Q-Zip, who saw his mini-life flash before his eyes when the mini-golf course got attacked by “disgusting animals” as he calls them. “I’m tired of the mini-golf community being treated like crap, I mean how does the term ‘mini-golf’ indicate that we’re ‘less than’, exactly?”

According to witness reports, no mini-beers were to be found despite thorough searches by the intimidating golf cart gangs, and nobody ended up getting hurt. “I really thought my life was in danger when I saw that one of the guys had a tattoo of a golf ball right below his eye, which I figured meant he was part of one of those golf gangs from the Scottish Highlands”, said Lily Morrison, a mother-of-three fond of all kinds of mini-activities. “Thankfully, it just turned out he went to prison for aggravated murder.”

After searching everywhere for three hours, the golf cart gangs eventually settled on a few funny ball markers and a couple of discounted mini-ice creams.

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