What To Pack For An Epic Golf Vacation In 2024

What To Pack For An Epic Golf Vacation In 2024

Are you planning a golf vacation? Okay, cool. Your family is on board with this, right? It’s not like you’re planning a vacation together and you’re secretly going to make it about golf? Right??? Anyway, let us help you pack while your wife starts to have her suspicions. 

Headcovers: The Fun Kind!

If you want to protect your clubs from damage, you’re going to need headcovers. This is your chance to show off your (we assume) fantastic personality with fun designs so the other golfers on the course will think “Oh man, that guy is so cool it’s making me question my worth as an individual; maybe I should start seeing a therapist again.”

Fun Polo: Because, Don’t Be Boring

And of course, the polo. Not just any polo, but one that says, “I’m here to enjoy myself and possibly distract my opponents with my striking fashion sense", like this colorful Gummy Bears polo. Our fun polos are not just comfortable; they’re conversation pieces. Get ready for the “Where did you get that?” barrage

Ball Markers: Mark Your Territory in Style

You’re not going to go on vacation without some fun ball markers, right? Otherwise how will people know you’re a joyous, down-to-earth fella?
One option is to get some fun ones from Bogey Bros such as this Whatabogey ball marker or the Heisenberg one, and another option is to buy one from some boring brand that never made you laugh while we sit in disappointment thinking about your betrayal. 

Towels: Not Just To Dry Your Wet Naked Body

Sure, you could use these to dry yourself after a nice, erotic hot shower. But consider also using these to clean your clubs and your balls while everyone sees how much of a fun person you are (no matter how you're faring in your personal life at the moment). How about this classic ASSMAN towel?

Fun Hat That Reminds People You’re Cool

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t decorate your own head just because you’re not a tree. A hat is a great way to show off your personality, your goofiness, and the fact that you’re the type of person who enjoys wearing high quality performance material on their head. Consider getting this OB AF hat to show off the fact that you do, in fact, have a personality.


You weren’t really going to travel without deodorant, were you? Do you realize how smelly you get by the time you’re on the plane? Don’t be a disgusting freak. 


Has this helped you prepare for your next trip? We certainly hope so, because otherwise we’re going to feel like what we’re doing is pretty meaningless. Please offer us some validation. And if you need to get a bunch of different items, get yourself a bundle!

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