Dad Who Hasn't Finished Round Yet Hasn't Seen Family In 8 Years

Dad Who Hasn't Finished Round Yet Hasn't Seen Family In 8 Years

CARNOUSTIE, SCOTLAND - Peyton Morris, 42, hasn’t seen his family in eight years as he’s still trying to finish his round of golf he started while vacationing in the Scottish countryside. 

“We pretty much had to settle in Scotland and make a new life while we wait for him to be done, but it’s been so long, I’m starting to come to the awful realization that he might be stuck in a bunker”, said Morris’ wife who’s been begging the local cart girls to bring him home safe. "At least I get some comfort knowing he's enjoying the headcovers I got him for his birthday."

“I’m at the 14th hole so I figure I got a couple of years left and I can get back to my family in time for my daughter’s graduation”, said Morris from a nearby forest in which he took shelter this past summer after getting lost while looking for his ball. “I have to say, I used to think golf was a bit boring, but it turns out to be a really intense game and I’m loving it”, he added while sharpening a wooden stick he will later use to hunt birds in order to feed himself.

Authorities in Carnoustie have warned people to not approach Morris if they see him, as he is considered highly dangerous and might drag you into playing with him. The last time he was seen, he was wearing a Birdie Finger polo and a Home Wrecker hat.

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