Golfer Proudly Wears Bogey Bros Hat Like New Sheriff In Town

Golfer Proudly Wears Bogey Bros Hat Like New Sheriff In Town

PEBBLE BEACH, CALIFORNIA – A golfer named Rupert Wallace was seen walking around like he owned the place while wearing a Bogey Bros fitted hat that said “I’d tap that”, fooling himself with the impression that he was the new sheriff in town or something.

“As soon as I put on this ‘I’d tap that’ hat, I felt a rush of adrenaline like I’ve never felt before, like I somehow gained a unique source of power and status”, said Rupert, who should probably calm the hell down before he starts a suicide cult. 

“This guy has been golfing for like two months, suddenly he gets this cool hat and he thinks he’s the boss?”, said Corey, a friend of Rupert’s who would like to remind him that he has no idea what he’s doing and he better remember his place in the hierarchy. “Big deal, I have five Bogey Bros hats and six of their polos, I know I look cool with them but I still know my place”, added Corey, who insists that owning amazing Bogey Bros gear doesn’t make him any better than the miserable people who haven’t found out about Bogey Bros yet. 

Sources in Pebble Beach reported that Rupert was now walking around giving unsolicited feedback on people’s technique and is now the most hated person in the area. 

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