Man Unable To Golf Due To Wearing 19 Polos On Top Of Each Other

Man Unable To Golf Due To Wearing 19 Polos On Top Of Each Other

PINEHURST, NORTH CAROLINA – Despite trying really hard to make it work, a golfer has been unable to play due to the fact that he’s been wearing a total of nineteen polos from Bogey Bros on top of each other.

“I thought they all looked great, so I bought several of each and I was so excited to wear them that I thought I’d just wear nineteen of them at once”, said John, the confusing individual who is now sweating profusely and barely able to move due to his irrational love of Bogey Bros products. “I think I’m about to pass out, but look at how cool this Frosty Jack polo looks”, he added while pointing at the drawing of a carrot before falling unconscious.

“I have to say, he may be on his way to the hospital right now, but looking like a big goofy ball really suits him”, said John’s friend William. “But yeah, I knew the game wasn’t going to go well when I saw him fall down and roll down the hill.” 

John’s state has been described by doctors as “stable”, although they said they will have to discharge him if he keeps putting on more and more Bogey Bros hats on his head.

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