World Record Broken: Golfer Sinks Hole-in-One from Space Station

World Record Broken: Golfer Sinks Hole-in-One from Space Station

International Space Station, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy – Cory Sandberg, a 31-year-old from Wisconsin, just broke a world record by sinking a hole-in-one from the longest distance ever recorded.

“It was obviously a bit difficult, partly because of the astronaut suit that restricted my movements, but also because of the whole no gravity thing”, said Sandberg, who initially thought he would score a hole-in-582 at best.  “It was a lot of fun, but I’m just a little bit bummed out that even though I'm a big fan of their fitted hats, Bogey Bros doesn’t sell golf accessories for astronauts", said Sandberg before adding that he would have loved to use his McLovin ball marker.

“It’d be nice if we could get funding for actual research instead of this golf thing, but I guess it’s kind of impressive”, said Pyotr Valerievich Dubrov, a Russian crew member of the ISS.

Barely done with his amazing achievement, Sandberg is about to start training to sink a hole-in-one from the depths of the abyss in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, but he first needs to ask the ISS crew if they have a space golf cart to bring him home. 

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